An integrated approach to helping people move their best makes Great Plains Pilates in Omaha different from any other facility.

We combine various types of therapy to address injuries and structural problems, Pilates to train the body and mind to work in a more centered and coordinated way, Yamuna® Body Rolling for self treatment and conditioning, Massage and Yamuna® Table Treatments to enable the tissues to move and work as they are designed to, and the “Getting In Touch” form of craniosacral therapy to alleviate conditions brought on or aggravated by anxiety and stress.

All of this is combined with teaching you, the client, how to help yourself so you can move better, feel better and live better.



We offer individual and duo Pilates instruction, personal exercise programs, massage therapy, “Getting In Touch” craniosacral therapy, Yamuna® Body Rolling private and group instruction, Yamuna® Table Treatments, Yamuna® Foot Fitness and movement education for all types of athletes and performers.


Our professional staff offers clients the highest level of service through our extensive experience and training in our area of expertise. You can trust that you will get the quality you deserve when you choose to work with our staff.



Our workshops offer cutting edge holistic training for movement professionals and body practitioners as well as the public at large.  Learn how to move better from the inside out.

Call, email or stop in to learn how we can help you move better and feel good.