ReTensioning™ 1 Extremities Review

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ReTension Review Web Postr.jpg

ReTensioning™ 1 Extremities Review

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June 9

8 Contact Hours

Location:  Great Plains Pilates and Physical Therapy

Looking to master the ReTensioning™ techniques?  This course will review the pertinent information and techniques originally presented, answering questions and fine tuning the skills used while incorporating it in your practice. 

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In ReTensioning™ Professionals who work with human movement find an excellent way to integrate all the other techniques and interventions they use. Massage, mobilization, stretches, exercises and a myriad of other techniques are extremely useful for effecting changes in the structure and control ability of the body. However, the key to lasting improvement is for the client to use these changes and not resume the movement patterns that were a part of the problem they presented with. ReTensioning™ is that key.

ReTensioning™ can improve relearning movement after injury, optimize current skills for activities as diverse as playing the piano to skiing, and significantly enhance the ability to learn new movements and activities