Yamuna® Body Rolling - The Basics

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Yamuna® Body Rolling - The Basics


5:30pm - 6:30 pm The Last Wednesday of the Month (except October)

August 30th, September 27th, November 1st, November 29th and December 28th


Great Plains Pilates & Physical Therapy

7602 Pacific St., Ste 301

Omaha, NE

These important Basics classes prepare you for advanced detailed work.  If you want to take the Save Your Shoulders, Save Your Knees and other Save Your Body series you will want to be firmly grounded in the Basics.  The good news is that the Basics will begin to release the areas already troubling you so that when you advance to the next level you will experience better results.

Sign up for one or all Basic classes thru the end of the year to learn and hone your body rolling skills.

These classes teach you basic body sustainability.  We all know that maintenance is a vital component to long term health and well being.  YBR will help you maintain a healthier posture and overall better physical strength while you massage out the restrictions and tension in your body.  Using techniques using 4-10" balls specifically designed for working with the body to iron out the tension of the day. Leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and more comfortable in your body.

Wear comfortable clothing that moves with you.  Tops that fit snug are best for body rolling. Avoid clothing with zippers and buttons. 

Prepayment Reserves Your Spot

Call Ann @ 402-650-9311 or 402-393-3077 to Register

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Yamuna® Body Rolling is a system of specific routines using 4 – 10” balls that offer proven results by reeducating muscle and stimulating bone to create positive changes in the body.  It gives you a complete workout that increases your core strength and tones your muscles.  The concept of Body Rolling is quite simple: your body weight sinks into the ball as your body elongates, this creates traction that allows a deep release giving you the benefits of a full body fitness workout, yoga, massage and healing all rolled into one. A dedicated practice of YBR® can improve your posture and help you develop strong supple bones.  It will tone your muscles while releasing pain and increase mobility in joints and muscles.  The best part is, once you know it, you can do Yamuna® Body Rolling anywhere, anytime.

This course is designed to introduce you to the basics with a little something different offered in each class.  Sign up for 1 or as many as you like at $20 per class.

Instructor: Ann Ealy, LMT