How To Teach Movement

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How To Teach Movement


June 8

8 Contact Hours

Location:  Omaha

How To Teach Movement:  It seems simple – you are educated and intelligent, you understand what your client needs.  BUT knowing what your client needs and teaching them to do it are very different skills.

Ask yourself:

What is your learning style? 

How do I determine the learning style of a client?

How do you communicate to that style?

What language, movements and timing will help your client understand what you want them to do?

How do you effectively teach to several styles at once in a group setting?

How can you tell if the client doesn’t understand what you are telling them?

Do your clients say they don’t understand or read your written materials?

These issues and much more are addressed in this interactive class. Using lecture, demonstration, real world examples, and active practice you will learn how to improve your effectiveness and your client’s success.

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The Instructor –

Drawing on over 35 years of teaching the Alexander Technique, therapeutic exercises and Pilates John combines the latest in neural research, teaching science and real-world experience to make this class practical, sensible and useful. His lighthearted style with solid science behind it makes for a day of learning that will change how you think about what you do in your practice every day.