Our professional, experienced and compassionate staff is committed to offering our clients the finest movement education available in Omaha, Nebraska.

Whether you're an athlete, performer, curious about the mind-body connection and how they can work together, or in need of comprehensive physical restoration, we want to work with you toward achieving your goals for freedom and ease in all that you do.


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Individual and small group instruction available to improve your timing, breathing, mindfulness, strength, endurance and overall body control.

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Massage Therapy

Relax and release to prevent long-term tissue injuries.                                            

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Yamuna Body Rolling

Make space in the body, increase circulation, and improve your range of motion.

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Specialized Programs

Receive customized, activity-specific solutions for your movement needs.  Individual and workshop options available.

Great Plains Pilates is proud to continue the heritage of The Workout, the oldest full Pilates studio in Omaha, which in 1992 was the beginning of the studio we have evolved into today.

Many places say they teach Pilates but they only teach the movements developed by Joseph Pilates to large groups and don’t have the time or training to teach the full extent of this comprehensive approach to mind and body fitness.

Our approach is to teach only individuals and small groups so you can learn how to improve your timing, breathing, mindfulness, strength, endurance and overall body control. By using this approach our clients get the maximum benefits for their investment of time and money in practicing this enduring system of physical and mental training.

Our instructor Connie Murtaugh has many years of experience in teaching movement and exercise and continues to advance her abilities and skills by working with movement professionals across the country.


Massage therapy can be an important aspect of maintaining your optimal ability to move and prevent problems. By releasing tension and strain before long lasting tissue injury occurs you can keep small problems from becoming big ones. Massage also aids the mind in sensing more accurately where tension and strain is being created so you can change your own movement and take better care of yourself outside the massage session. If you have injuries massage improves circulation and better tissue rebuilding which speeds healing as well as diminishing pain. Our licensed massage therapists, Rita Corell, and Ann Ealy are trained in many techniques to analyze and work with your specific needs.

From head to toes Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR®) teaches you how to effectively work every part of your body. With elements of both exercise and therapy. Positioning individual body parts in their accurate positions, YBR® makes necessary space in the body, increases circulation, and improves range of motion. Using a specifically designed 6 to 10 inch ball on the floor, against the wall or in a chair to strengthen, tone, and realign the body. Group classes and duos offer instruction on a particular routine. Private sessions are strongly advised if you have a particular condition you would like addressed. Using the Yamuna® balls and Foot Fitness tools available here at Great Plains you can simultaneously give yourself a workout and a massage. The extraordinary effect of YBR is its multidimensional elongation of muscle fibers. Your body on the ball coupled with the appropriate stretch provides a deep release of muscle tension, creates space in joints and tones the body. In the words of Yamuna Zake, creator of Yamuna® Body Rolling "Yamuna® Body Rolling gives you the ability to work on yourself anytime, anywhere, forever.”

Performers, musicians, athletes, and many others have problems unique to their respective activities and not participating in their chosen area is not a realistic option. Assisting these clients requires a thoughtful analysis and activity specific interventions to allow them to function at their highest level, an approach we have been using for many years.

We have worked with concert musicians, yoga practitioners, performing artists and many different types of athletes to provide activity specific solutions to their problems. We can provide on site workshops and training for groups and teams in the setting where they can get the greatest benefit from our intervention.