Great Plains Pilates is proud to continue the heritage of The Workout, the oldest full Pilates studio in Omaha, which in 1992 was the beginning of the studio we have evolved into today.

Many places say they teach Pilates but they only teach the movements developed by Joseph Pilates to large groups and don’t have the time or training to teach the full extent of this comprehensive approach to mind and body fitness.

Our approach is to teach only individuals and small groups so you can learn how to improve your timing, breathing, mindfulness, strength, endurance and overall body control. By using this approach our clients get the maximum benefits for their investment of time and money in practicing this enduring system of physical and mental training.

Instructor Connie Murtaugh has many years of experience in teaching movement and exercise and continues to advance her abilities and skills by working with movement professionals across the country.

Instructor Wendi Kroeger is currently completing her Pilates certification through Balanced Body and will soon have over 600 hours of training. She uses a comprehensive approach when treating clients, drawing from a foundation of knowledge based on her education, experience and self guided learning.