connie Murtaugh

Connie has combined a lifetime of fitness with the joy of teaching for over 25 years and has focused on helping others in the areas of healthcare and fitness. She draws from her knowledge of anatomy, movement, and fitness skills to provide Pilates and fitness programs to suit any level of ability. Her clientele is diverse, ranging from a variety of athletes (runners, skiers, golfers, skydivers, kayakers, etc.) to clients in their 80’s. Connie is dedicated to personalizing exercise programs to help each client reach their full potential in the studio and carry those skills over to everyday activities and sports. Connie applies a variety of Pilates training techniques including Balanced Body, in which she holds a Comprehensive Balanced Body Pilates certification. These approaches combine traditional Pilates with modern principles of exercise science. She stays current with new developments in the field through workshops and also holds a personal trainer certification with the American Council of Exercise Science. Connie’s caring, encouraging teaching style, keen eye for movement, and attention to detail helps clients improve their body awareness and alignment. She enjoys creating unique exercise modifications to promote greater ease of movement and healthy biomechanics.

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