Are we even?

No, we are not. I am not referring to how kids keep score but how symmetric the human organism is. And it is not symmetric, despite all the things we have been told. It seems like we should be just by looking at us, everything you see that is not in the midline we have two of – arms, legs, ears,eyes, etc. But where we are at rest is definitely not symmetric. Consequently, how those muscles that we have on both sides get used once we start to move also has to be asymmetric. The catch is – that is normal and healthy. We are asymmetric by design. (We can argue elsewhere about how it got designed this way and by whom or what).

Over the next few posts I will be explaining this idea of human asymmetry and  how this concept leads to a very different way of addressing movement problems and improving movement abilities in people.

In the meantime, you can see more about this idea in the December issue of Equus magazine, where I have an article on sitting straighter in the saddle.

John Macy PT, PRC