An Introduction to the Alexander Technique

We are beginning a six week series about a therapeutic adjunct to physical therapy treatment called the Alexander Technique (AT).

The Alexander Technique addresses chronic patterns and adaptions that predispose patients to musculoskeletal problems and poor overall functioning.  Benefits to patients are not just to the specific problem are but to the whole body. These benefits include

  • improved motor function, more efficient movement with less wasted energy and effort
  • improved coordination and decreased incidence of pain and dysfunction, which leads to less medical intervention

Actors, athletes and performers have been utilizing the Alexander Technique to improve their physicality and function for years. Please join us each Tuesday for a new blog about the Alexander Technique, it’s history and the way it will impact your life!  For questions about AT classes or one-on-one training, please contact us.


 Photographer Alexander Wallnöfer

Photographer Alexander Wallnöfer

…What I learned was beautiful, it was an art. It wasn’t just a bunch of rules…it was about being still and relaxed in order to be able to 100% listen to someone…
— Hugh Jackman, talking about the Alexander Technique on Inside the Actors Studio, Season 10 March 2004
The Alexander Technique works….I recommend it enthusiastically for anyone who has back or neck pain.
— Roald Dahl, writer