Ann Ealy

After graduating from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, in 1986 Ann Ealy, B.Sc, LMT, explored a variety of careers. While living in Florida, she worked with such companies as Anheuser Busch, was involved in AT&T’s Universal Card startup and worked at United States Gypsum Company. In 1991 she transferred with USG to Chicago and in 1996, while being groomed for continued advancement, she chose to leave the corporate field to train at the Chicago School of Massage Therapy, ranked one of the top 3 schools in the nation, and in 1997 became a licensed massage therapist. In 2001 she spent 4 months at Kripalu in Lenox MA to become a Kripalu Certified Yoga instructor. She now teaches at the Pony Creek Yoga Lodge just outside Glenwood, IA, in the tradition of Margaret Hahn. After suffering for years with chronic shoulder pain she discovered the amazing restructuring power of Yamuna® Body Rolling and in 2011 trained and became certified at the NY flagship studio to become the first to offer private YBR® sessions as well as group classes and workshops here in the Omaha area. Over the years Ann has added to her Yamuna® Body Rolling education also certififying in Yamuna® Table Treatment, Yamuna® Save Your Shoulders, Yamuna® Foot Fitness and In Bed With Yamuna®. Lastly, Ann also specializes in a very gentle and deep form of therapy evolved from the Sutherland/Sills method of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy called “Getting In Touch” developed by the late Michael Boxhall, RCST, FCSTA. In Mike’s words “The intention of ‘Getting in Touch’ is to connect with the Stillness that, like the eye of the storm, is within all pathology. The Peace that passes understanding is at the heart of us all. To be experienced, not known as an object – it is who you are. Where is this Stillness? It is mindfulness centred on the body.” You can learn more about this work at When Ann isn’t outside or somewhere in the country enjoying the beauty of nature with her partner Scott, you'll probably find her knitting, crocheting or snuggling with one of her cats.